Re-elect Antonio Reynoso

Economic Development

People say it a lot—but there’s no denying that small businesses are the lifeblood of New York City’s economy. Mom-and-pop shops in Williamsburg and across New York sell useful products, employ local residents, and generate tax revenue to reinvest in our communities. But too often, the weight of regulations and red tape from City Hall places a heavy burden on business owners struggling to get by on thin profit margins. Antonio knows that’s the wrong approach, and will fight to bring about a sustainable and positive climate for small business owners.


Send Antonio to City Hall, and he will:


  1. Appoint a Director of Economic Development to oversee business issues and to serve as an intermediary between our community and the City of New York.
  2. Establish local business advisory committees comprised of local business owners, community leaders, trade organizations, and other key stakeholders to review city regulations, policies, and practices before they take effect.
  3. Alleviate onerous fines for small business owners, especially first-time offenders, so business owners can focus on expanding instead of complying with excessive fees from City Hall.
  4. Create meaningful tax incentives, credits, and expenditures for businesses to invest and expand.
  5. Facilitate and raise awareness about city, state, and federal loan and business funding opportunities, especially in communities with high concentrations of minority and women-owned businesses.
  6. Host and sponsor “Buy Local” campaigns in our communities to give small business owners a leg up against large retail stores.
  7. Continually engage the diverse businesses of New York’s 34th Council District through town halls, small business seminars, roundtables, and other forums to hear concerns and address them with swift action.
  8. Work with the booming Brooklyn tech and startup industries to align today’s workers with the economy of tomorrow.
  9. Protect and maintain the integrity of Industrial Business Zones.