Re-elect Antonio Reynoso


As a graduate of Roberto Clemente, P.S.19 and John D. Wells, JHS 50 in Williamsburg, Antonio recognizes the importance of education for working families, and understands its role as a pathway into the middle class for families across New York. It is absolutely essential for City Hall to recognize the importance of great public schools in our communities, and make robust investment in programs that prepare our kids for success in the twenty-first century economy.


As your Council Member, Antonio will:


  1. Fight to keep schools off the budget chopping block.
  2. Ensure that schools have enough resources to meet the demands of every student.
  3. Engage teachers, community leaders, administrators, and others to ensure that effective teachers get the compensation they deserve.
  4. Encourage a collaborative culture of inclusion bringing together all key stakeholders to solve problems in our schools as they arise.
  5. Ensure our students gain exposure to arts and the humanities by investing in art, music and physical education courses to maintain a well-rounded curriculum.


Antonio Reynoso understands that failure is not an option when it comes to meeting the monumental education challenges facing our youth. Antonio will insist on a comprehensive policy that engages the community, brings them into the decision-making process, and results in better educational outcomes for students. As Council Member Diana Reyna’s former Chief of Staff, Antonio has spent his career bringing leaders together in support of a common goal—and that’s precisely what he will do as your next Council Member to ensure our youth have the preparation and training they need to succeed in any career.